Migration Services Melbourne: Why You Should Consider?


“Why would I need a migration agent? I have families back in Australia, they can handle all the papers.” This is the most common thing people say when they have families living in Australia are suggested to get help for their migration application process from a reputed and experienced migration service provider.
But when the actual process for application starts, they start to freak out. They get confused with all the paperwork and seek out professional migration services. Sometimes it’s too late and they get rejected because of their poor preparation. So, why take such chances with your dream when there are certified migration agents for your assistance at affordable price?
Migrating to another country and starting your life a new is a big step. You need to plan everything carefully. With the professional help, you will be able to do it with much ease. Suppose, you were able get the visa without the help of migration services, you are happy, you get the tickets and you move to a completely foreign land. This is all a happy-happy situation, but once you reach there, then what? You need a job, a job according to your qualification, a place to stay, your driving permit, insurance and many other small details that affect your daily life need to be addressed properly. All these stuff as well as battling culture shock and home sickness can be a lot to take in. That’s why a trusted Migration Service is helpful.
Migration service providers are a team of professionals, who work for your successful entry and transition in a foreign land. From re-checking and editing your application letter to looking into possible jobs for you according to your qualification along with helping you get a proper health insurance, they are always with you. They are the first family you will get to know when you migrate. The application for a visa to immigrate to a foreign land is a lengthy process which can take months and in some cases even a year. During this period there are lots of queries on both parts and a great deal of communication regarding the circumstances and changes in regulations need to be done to keep you updated and to move along the process. Migration agents will take care of all the communication and represent you throughout the process to the concerned authorities.
Now, what about the cost? The application fees, visa charges, governmental charges, skill assessment charges, and not to mention taxes, all needs to be taken care of. Under the code of conduct for registered migration agents, the amount your agent charges depend on circumstances and may vary according to changing conditions. But the charges must be reasonable and fair. Following are the conditions on which charges may differ:

  • The visa application type

Visa application charges are different for different types of visa. Business visa, tourist visa, student visa, residential visa and other visas have different charges. Research is required on what kind of visa you are applying for as the application standards and charges can differ.

  • Application preparation time

Preparing an application for the visa is a very specific job. Since there is a definite standard, you need to be on point. For example, if you understand the technique and format you can write it yourself and give it to the agent who can double check it, which can minimise the preparation time. But if you are in a tight spot whether it’s because of family, education or a job, it takes a lot of time. In this case, your agent can help you out filling up the forms, and you can just sign and submit it. That’s when they can charge you a bit high.

  • Level of service required

What level of service required is a major question you will be asked at the first meeting with the agent. If you require a simple guidance, you will charged less but if you require a full service, you will be charged more.

  • Charges may go up if you have dependents on your application (such as children)

As stated earlier, visa charges will go up if you have dependents on your application. As per the regulations, partner charges can cost you in the range of $500-$4000, children visa can reach up to $1100-$3300 and parent visa can reach up to $1500-$3800.

  • Experience of your agent.

If your agent is a lawyer or has a vast experience in the migration field, he can charge more than an inexperienced one as he can increase your chances for getting the visa. You pay for what you get is the policy used here.

  • Skill Assessment Charges

Even if you have a skill that is listed on Skilled Occupation List, but you don’t have the qualification or certificate, it needs to be assessed independently so that you can take your application further. The cost of skill assessment charges can go up to as much as $4000 and this is excluding the government charges. Unlike the agent charges, governmental charges have gone up rapidly in last decade.
The cost of a visa application is significant and should you fail, all the fees paid are not refundable. No one set out to fail and there is a standardised form for each and every letter and application that needs to submitted to the high commission.
So meet your migration in person in their office to get general information and ask them any questions you may have, however small. Find out the charges and extent of services provided by them. Some even provide you the written service agreement, go through it extensively, and point out anything you don’t agree on.
At Grace International we handle your visa application process professionally and provide you with best solution and increase your chances of getting successful result. We are experienced in the field with a team of professionals who are dedicated and want to see you succeed. Contact us via email at melbourne@graceintlgroup.com or via phone at +61 03 9662 9020 for our migration services in Melbourne. We will look forward to turn your dream into a reality.

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