Migration Consultant Melbourne – Moving tips for Australia


Moving to an entire new country is a scary job as you got to arrange all the day to day necessity. And on top of that, you need to adjust to a differently new culture. Different weathers, different rules, variety of food and don’t get all cozy because you can speak English fluently, it’s all different out there.

Thinking about migrating to Australia? Do you think you know enough about Australia? Here we will provide you with few moving tips for Australia. Let’s get started!!

  1. Keep your important paper work together in a travel file, including birth and marriage certificates, a valid passport and visa, passenger cards and others. Keep it safe, as a missing paper can cause you a lot of trouble at border check in.
  2. Grab all your medical papers such as dentist, medical or any optical prescriptions. If you are travelling with family, make sure you get their immunisation record. Also it is very useful to scan all your documents and identification and save the electronic copies, as you may need to email these to secure a tenancy agreement.
  3. Australian Quarantine is very strict about the importation of animals. It is a lengthy process and can take minimum of 6 months. The chance of your pets spending time in quarantine is very likely and it will be costly. It will be emotionally difficult to let go of your pets but also you will not have any access to your pets while in quarantine.
  4. Close your all bank accounts and cancel your insurance where relevant including house, car and others. Review your life insurance, check if it is valid overseas or not. Redirect your mail and be sure to notify your remaining contacts of your new address.
  5. Since you will need to rent an apartment in Australia, it is good idea to obtain reference letter. Get a reference letter from the property manager also obtain a personal reference letter. Also make sure you have budgeted for at least 8 weeks, as Australians calculates the rents in weekly manner.


Now you need to get acquitted with the Australians. Here are some tips:

  1. Australia is necessarily hot. Even coastal cities like Sydney and Melbourne get ridiculously warm. The UV rays down here can do a serious amount of damage to your skin. Don’t forget to get high quality sun cream as even an hour direct exposure to the sun can result in third-degree burn.
  2. Australians are friendly people and extremely social. And given the chance, they will strike up a conversation with total strangers anywhere. Also Australia is an egalitarian country and nobody cares how much you earn. Aussies split bills fair and square in restaurant and never turn up empty handed to a mate’s party.
  3. Sports is major in Australia. Australians are mad about sports regardless of whether they are played in Australia or not. Football, cricket, and soccer draw crowds upwards of 40,000 people every single time. And many European soccer club make it their priority for their summer or pre-season tour to Australia.
  4. Aboriginal people here is Australia are considered the oldest living culture on earth. While you are unlikely to meet many aboriginal in the tourist part of town but if you do, show some respect, as they possess a remarkable history and extremely rich culture.
  5. “Hi how are you?” or “Hi How are you going?” are standard greeting between Australians. These doesn’t represent actual questions. Anyone who are answers with an account of general wellbeing will get a funny look.Just say a simple “hi” back.


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