Grace International Migration Consultant in Melbourne, Australia

Grace International Migration Consultant in Melbourne, Australia

Migrating to a completely different country will leave you with butterflies in the stomach, the good kind.

The process of migrating to Australia may be overwhelming, and that’s why we are here to assist you.

Make you dream of living in Australia a reality!

Grace International Group has managed to become one of the leading migration agents in Australia with continuous hard work, dedication and by upholding the utmost ethical practice standards.

For over a decade now we have been successfully serving people overseas in legally migrating to Australia.

Migrants, students, education houses all look to us for reliable service.

You will get up-to-date information on Australia’s immigration procedures and rules and regulations to follow.

No matter what the reason for your decision to migrate to Australia, we will process the relevant migration procedure and guide you through the whole application process efficiently and in a cost effective manner.

Have you made up your mind about moving to Australia?

There are various VISA types for migrating to Australia. You can choose the one that best fits your criteria for moving into the country.

  • Holiday or Vacation (Includes visiting friends and family)
  • Student Visa (Study or accompany a student)
  • Work Visa (Includes skilled, sponsored and short term work)
  • Business activities (Includes conferences, negotiations and general enquiries)
  • Permanent resident (Live in Australia permanently (PR))
  • Refugee and Humanitarian Visa
  • Working Holiday Visa

If you aspire to be the best version of yourself in every aspect of your life, if you wish to experience different cultures, have the chance to get a great education and to achieve success in global competition, if you want to live in and experience a different country other than your own, Australia is the perfect choice for all these reasons and more.

And we can help you migrate here!

Have any doubts, fears and questions to ask regarding living in Australia?

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the leading migration consultants in the country. Dial +61 03 9662 9020 or email us at We are happy to answer all your queries about migrating to Australia.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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