About Us

Professionally Managed To Ensure Success

Grace International leads the way in the provision of educational services.  We are located in Melbourne and are a government registered company that was established to offer high quality educational services.  For the last ten years we have provided service to a variety of students as well as providing programs to Universities and Colleges.  Our facilities are truly state of the art and we offer professional counselors in a family like environment where students can feel at home.

We are committed to supporting those students who wish to study overseas.  Our team is comprised of highly educated faculty members and we have been working hard to bridge the gap between students around the world and our educational facilities in Melbourne.

Our Services

  • Test preparation. We offer students preparation for a variety of tests including SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT and GRE.
  • Language classes. We provide test preparation and we offer instruction in Japanese, English and German.
  • Students can study in Melbourne, Australia and will receive all of the support that they need.

We understand that it can be exciting and scary to study abroad.  We provide everything that students need to grow and develop and obtain the tools that they need for their future career.  Students studying abroad develop bonds between themselves that are deep and long lasting.  Grace International Group provides support to students who have recently arrived and are experiencing culture shock.  It can be overwhelming to be in a different country, without family and not knowing what to expect.

Grace International Group offers students guidance regarding what is available to them for scholarships, fellowship programs and what to expect for course fees.  We can assist with VISA applications, and university applications.  We are happy to assist with all of the paperwork so that you can focus on your studies.