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7 Best Cities for Study & Living in Australia

best-cities-to study-in-Australia

In the last decade, Australia established itself as the hub for international studies. Thousands of students from all over the world flocked to Down Under for their education. With seven cities ranked among the top 75 in the QS Best Student Cities 2016, Australia stands out as one of the best places to study abroad.

With various ranking factors in mind, we came up with our own list of the 7 Best cities for living and studying in Australia. Objectively ranking cities is difficult, here we used the following 5 key factors to rank the cities.

  • Cost of Living

Cost of living is one of the major factors when choosing where to study, for any student. Cost of living such as rental expenses, average groceries’ price, which in turn have a large effect on a student’s livability in the city.

  • Cultural Life

Culture is extremely important for a student when choosing a city to live in. Cultural life refers to access to cultural staples such as live music, artwork, museums to enjoy the holidays and their day to day life.

  • Night Life

Nightlife is also an important aspect for many students while selecting a city to study and live. Especially for students living in larger cities and Australian cities don’t disappoint in this regard too. There is a large number of clubs and pubs available with a variety of nightlife including live music. The uniqueness of a city’s nightlife is something else to experience in Australia.

  • Student population / university density

Student population- the number of students with referral to the city’s population, and university density- the number of universities the city has to offer, also affect our list. A variety of choice in degrees and courses offered can allow a student to choose a university of their choice. Student population can allow a city to develop a student culture which will allow a new student to adapt to the city faster and better.

  • Climate

Climate is one of the factors affecting selection of the city. No one wants to live in a city where it rains or snows all year round. This list considers average temperature, seasonal change routine and other weather factors.  It is important to take climate into consideration as it influences the culture and lifestyle fostered by each city.

And judging by the above factors, here are the “7 best cities for you to live and study in Australia”.


Melbourne is arguably the best city Australia has to offer and is one of the world’s most livable cities. It is the cultural heart of Australia with a wide array of live music, cultural festivals, museums, restaurants and much more. Melbourne offers the perfect all round experience for student living in this city, and we are sure you will love your studies here.


Brisbane is growing exponentially in terms of student lifestyle and opportunities. It is also attracting global recognition for its student-friendly status. The city boasts natural environment and climate with a metropolitan culture that you’d struggle to find anywhere. It caters to its student population with a vibrant nightlife which is a good way to de-stress.

Brisbane is a great choice for the student who is looking for a perfect blend of nature and urban experience with an amasing climate.


Although third in this list, Sydney has always been an attractive city for students drawing thousands of students from all around the world. It boasts exhilarating beaches and parks, coupled with a high level of sunshine. Sydney also takes pride in its vibrant and unique culture, and an array of world famous monuments such as The Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge and the Museum of Contemporary Art.


The capital city of Australia, Canberra offers a great lifestyle for students. Growth in its new student population has led to the development of student-oriented services and offerings. The Australian National University is situated in Canberra which is the highest ranked university in Australia. It provides a great opportunity for both national and international students.


A city with an environment that has it all, Adelaide provides parklands, bushland and beaches. The city of churches, Adelaide is a superb green city perfect for students looking for weekend getaways.  The natural environment with four well-known universities has allowed Adelaide to develop a unique student culture over the last decade. Adelaide certainly lives up to its name, “the city of churches” as it is the heart of the Australia’s cultural heritage.


Perth is one of Australia’s fastest growing cities and presents amasing opportunities for the students. The quality of education is extended to all four of Perth’s universities, on the way, increasing the range of choices for students.

Gold coast

Gold Coast offers the best weather in Australia with sprawling beaches and a vibrant nightlife. It’s relatively low cost of living also gives it an edge over some of the bigger known university cities.

Australia has proven itself as the hub for international studies with more than 40 universities spread over 100 campuses. Also, it has developed a student culture which has helped the international students to adjust in the Australian Way of life.

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