10 Reasons why you Should Choose to Study in Melbourne

Melbourne has some of the most amazing universities in Australia or in the world, for that matter.  No matter what you plan to study there are courses that are just right for you.  If you are looking for some reasons why you should study in Melbourne, here are 10 that we think are fantastic:

  1. You will study in a new style, find an alternate methodology and learn in a different format.   Studying overseas in a different environment can be an exciting adventure.  You will enjoy studying at a new school that has different teaching methods from those that you are accustomed to.
  1. When you study overseas in Melbourne you may find career opportunities that are not available to you in your current city. Lots of people want to visit other countries and Melbourne is a place that offers adventure as well as exciting career opportunities for students who are enrolled in the local area schools.
  1. You can develop a global mindset when you travel abroad. Melbourne is a great place to enjoy new experiences while you are learning at a local education facility.  Enjoy a cricket game, visit the Royal Botanic Gardens or visit the St. Kilda Pier and see the many penguins that live there too.  The Melbourne Zoo is always interesting and the Chinatown has been in existence for over 150 years.
  1. An opportunity to visit a different country and explore the local surroundings and attractions is always an adventure. From getting your footing in the local area to discovering the scenery and touring around, you will enjoy all that Melbourne has to offer.  There are many interesting things to see and do and you will enjoy every moment that you spend here.
  1. You will experience new and different cultures. Melbourne is a melting pot for a lot of different people who have come to study and work in the local area.  There are many festivals in the local area each year that are fun and exciting to attend.
  1. Attending school away from home will afford you an opportunity to meet new people. When you study, live and socialise together you can form strong and meaningful lifelong friendships.  You and others who are away from home will have common experiences and enjoy the support of one another.  When you have the support of a friend, it is something that you will never forget, especially when you find new friends who have common interests and goals.
  1. You will enjoy discovering new and delicious foods from many incredible local restaurants. Depending on your budget, you may be able to enjoy a new culinary opportunity a few times a week.  Melbourne has many rooftop bars where you can enjoy a unique view while drinking a tasty cocktail.  Melbourne has more than 2000 restaurants, so there is never a shortage of places to enjoy.
  1. Attending school in Melbourne offers you the opportunity for personal growth and independence. You will be away from home and this means that you will have yourself to rely on while learning more independence.  Personal growth occurs when you achieve the things that you didn’t think were possible.
  1. When you attend school in Melbourne you can develop new skills and interests. You may want to try some local sports, visit some local museums or take a wine tour.  It is completely possible to do something different every day and not get bored.
  1. Being in Melbourne is definitely a life changing experience. Many students find that they love the area and want to stay.  For those who return home it is always a mission to return at least for a visit.  You will never forget the people, the culture, the history and the beautiful scenery.

If you are looking at different schools and trying to decide where you want to attend, consider a school in Melbourne.  There are lots of options and educational choices.  Melbourne is one of the best places in the world to study and once you arrive you will understand why.  It has been a well-kept secret for years, but not it’s time to share the beauty and opportunities of this place with others.  Consider studying here for a life-changing experience that you will never forget.

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